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Healthcare IT



By utilizing our experience and working with our strategic local and international partners, we are on a mission to serve, connect, and improve healthcare accessibility for everyone.

To improve system performance, our health IT consulting team offers strategic, all-encompassing, custom guidance support. Clinical outcomes and revenue are enhanced by our application and process redesign expertise. We prioritize it to make sure that all decisions include patients across the spectrum of care because organizations must now approach care delivery holistically in order to survive.

Organizations can achieve overall success with the help of our sector expertise and tested portfolio of services and methodologies. In order to support our clients' goals and meet their needs, we approach each challenge they face in a unique way.

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Improving, Upgrading and Implementing the EMR/HIS

For EMR implementation and optimization projects, we offer technical and program management services. Our consultants can assist with project management, analysis, configuration, integration, and training on EMR / HIS projects thanks to their years of experience working across the globe. We work together with your leadership to make sure that clinical, financial, and operational goals are in line with technology implementations and successfully achieved.

Analytics and AI for healthcare data

We have seasoned technology consultants to meet your needs for BI, Analytics, Data, and Engineering services. We can support you with technology leadership, platform solutioning for health analytics, and vendor selection for healthcare IT.
We assist in bringing order to the healthcare data. We use data to gain ``insights`` so that we can make better operational, financial, and clinical decisions. Big Data and artificial intelligence are used by our team of experts to produce analysis that is more timely, precise, and individualized.

Services for revenue cycle management and coding

Revenue Cycle Management and Coding Services aims to streamline and replace resource-intensive medical billing procedures with technological advancements that cut down on manual labor and improve operational workflow.


(a) Lab Integrations.
The difficulties associated with integrating your LIS/EMR/EHR/HIS with point of care devices are removed by our lab device integration library. We support both the HL7 and ASTM protocols for integration and offer a plug-and-play model.
(b) Integration of the HIS-HIE.
Authorities and providers can use data from across the continuum of care effectively thanks to HIS-HIE integration. To ensure seamless data sharing across multiple HIEs, we offer affordable consulting and integration services.
(c) Integration of HIS and RCM.
A cutting-edge integrated system for hospitals allows claims to be sent to various Post Offices with just one integration. We offer PO integration services that conceal all the challenges of integrating with various Post offices.