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Adopt new models of learning and academic learning with our best in class School and College Management Solutions

Our EdTech Solutions help educational institutions harness the full potential of IT infrastructure and enable them to keep pace with the changing technological landscape in the learning and academic arenas. Our cloud-based learning and campus management software seamlessly integrates with new models of learning and helps streamline scholastic and administrative processes. We work closely with educational institutes to ensure that the technology is configured to enrich the experience and performance of Students and Teachers.

LMS - Learning Management System

We offer a cutting-edge learning platform that is client-focused, inventive and agile; built on the premise to provide speed, simplicity, and versatility to the students as well as academic staff. It offers seamless navigation, instant shareability and limitless storage.

SIS - Student Information System

Student Information System helps you store, retrieve, manage, monitor, and analyze student data, with efficiency and privacy. Our student database and attendance management system orchestrates student lifecycle processes, enabling teams to make important decisions.

VCR – Virtual Class Room

With more and more Institutions offering courses for geographically dispersed students, virtual classrooms are becoming the preferred option. Our state of art platform provides this functionality a step further by allowing seamless switching between online classes and campus-based classes in a single click without disturbing the schedule and without any additional integration or manual uploading of students, staff or lecture schedules.

CoE - Controller of the Examination

We offer an integrated CoE platform that accommodates both CBCS (Choice Based Credit System) as well as Fixed Enrolment. It enables you to digitize and automate scheduling of exams and online exam applications; issue digital hall tickets, nominal roll generation, seat allocation; publish results on the student portal and every other process associated with exams. Our Cloud-based CoE system meets world standards in security and data privacy to safeguard your institution from any malpractice or data theft.


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A superior cloud-based platform (SaaS/multi-tenant) Compatible with newer models of learning Being used by leading Educational Institutions across the world (1 million students and 50,000 Teaching staff across the globe).

For further information please contact us: info@eesaad.com